12. El Haddawi International Winterschool - english

Languages of Wisdom

Dance, Theatre and Bodywork as Ways to the Self


We are pleased to announce already now the 12th annual El Haddawi Winterschool. It will take place from January 2nd to January 07th 2012 at the island convent „Abtei Frauenwörth" on the Chiemsee lake in Bavaria, Germany.

What is wisdom? How does it express itself? Knowledge, understanding, maturity, intuition – all that what leads to wisdom – can be expressed not only by words, but also by the body.

The body talks with its own language through its attitude, movements, dance and song.
It has its own wisdom. This inner teacher can help us to widen and refine our inner and outer repertoire of being.
The following guest lecturers and experts have already confirmed their participation:

Tejo Janssen (Netherlands): Butoh dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. Student of Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuoh Ohno, the founders of the avant-garde Butoh dance from Japan.

Jelena Sitar (Slovenia): Puppeteer, theatre pedagogue, director of the national Slovenian puppet theatre in Ljubljana.

Monika Glawischnig-Goschnik (Austria): Physician, psychotherapist, musical therapist, university lecturer, organisator of "Leib oder Leben", the international symposium for body-related psychotherapy, body therapy and body art in Bad Gleichenberg in Austria.

Dieter Glawischnig (Austria): Jazz Musician, bandleader, composer, university teacher, until 2008 principle conductor of the Big Band of the NDR (north german broadcasting company).

Through exercises from different spiritual traditions and bodywork systems, we will approach mystical experience and understanding. Acting, dance, movement improvisation and meditation, as well as elements from the martial arts, will open new levels of practical experience for body, spirit and soul and give access to unknown inner spaces.

In addition to seminars taught by Ingo Taleb Rashid the Winterschool consists of classes and lecture-demonstrations taught by the invited lecturers. There will also be an opening ceremony, performances and a final music and dance concert. Accommodation and meals will be provided on site.

The fee for tuition for the whole seminar will be €440 (starting with the opening at 02/01 at 18.00, ending at 07/01 lunch) including all classes, lectures and special events. Fees for accommodation, meals and transportation are separate.
Early registration (until 1st of December 2011) and payment of the non-refundable deposit of €200 will reduce tuition to €380.


Partial attendance: It is possible to participate in the Winterschool's first half (07/01 opening/18.00 –04/01 supper) or second half (04/01 morning set – 07/01 lunch): Tuition for half of the event is 260€, or 230€ with early registration.

Full board will cost about 30 € per day and includes 3 meals per day with Indian vegetarian and non vegetarian food inclusive various tees. The rates for the rooms are between 22 € and 52 € depending on the category of the rooms. We cannot guarantee the chosen room category.

This Winterschool can be booked as an introductory seminar for the Movement Concept® educational program in 2012.