13. El Haddawi International Winter School English

Mysticism and Superstition
Spiritual Guidance or Seduction?
February 11th to 16th, 2013, at the island convent "Abtei Frauenwörth"
on the Chiemsee Lake in Bavaria, Germany.


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Special: "Stage - Moments of Truth"
photo exhibition with photos from Lilija Kucinskaja, a passionate performance capturer,
who is documenting international theatre performances since many years.

It has been said that we are living at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Alternative New Age healing methods and various esoteric-spiritual paths define themselves as expressions of the dawning new era. Through worldwide networking people are able to gain access to different spiritual schools from both East and West. But what do “spirituality” and “mysticism” mean? How can we distinguish between the essential and the superficial? These questions have no simple answer. But through experience and discussion we are able to open a space to better understand different currents – from Zen to Sufism, from Channeling to Reiki.

The following guest lecturers and experts have already confirmed their participation:

Event director:

Ingo Taleb Rashid, initiator of the Winter School,
director of El Haddawi, stage director & choreographer,
sheikh of Tariqa Naqshbandi-Rashidiya


Guest lecturer:


Wolf Schneider:

publisher of the magazine “Connection”,
cabaret artist, writer

Dr. Katja Held:

psychiatrist, psychotherapist, neuroscientist, coach,
international author (13th to 16th of February)

gisela-drescherWilligis Jäger, Zen-Master, Benedictine priest, author, founder of the spiritual retreat centre Beneditkushof
and Gisela Drescher, Zen-teacher,
free lance artist, art therapist
(both 11/12th of February)

Due to sickness, Willigis Jäger will not be able to participate. The opening ceremony and Zen-Meditation will be led by Gisela Drescher.


andrea-kalffAndrea Kalff Cordero

Bavarian-Korean „Mudang“ (Shaman, Carrier of the Bridge),

Initiated 2006 by the world renowned “Manshin” (master shaman) Kim Keum Hwa (12th and 15th of February)

El Haddawi is a school for Movement Concept®, dance, martial arts, and body work. It works
at the interface between body work, performing arts, and spirituality. With methods based on work with the body, incorporating meditation and humour we approach mystic experience and understanding. In addition to workshops taught by Ingo Taleb Rashid and guest lecturers, the following activities are planned: an opening ceremony, various interactive lectures, and opportunities for music and dance improvisation.

We are pleased to be able to offer a unique festival concept which El Haddawi has instituted for many years. Both the participants and the invited teachers will take part in all workshops together throughout the Winter School. This creates a very personal and inspiring atmosphere which enhances the exchange between teachers and students.

Tentative Schedule



Tuition Early booking
Whole seminar : 11.02. opening/ 4.15 p.m. to 16.02. lunch 440 € 380 €
1st half: 11.02. opening/ 4.15 p.m. to 13.02. dinner 260 € 230 €
2nd half: 14.02. morning set to 16.02. lunch 260 € 230 €

Partial attendance: It is possible to participate in the Winter School's first half or second half:

Accommodation and meals are not included.

Meals will cost about 30 € per day and include three meals per day with Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, including a variety of teas. The rates for the rooms are between 22 € and 52 € depending on the category of the rooms. We cannot guarantee the chosen room category.


Special events:

Fee *

Opening, Monday, February, 11th, 4.15 p.m. – 6.45 p.m.
Lecture and Zen Meditation with Willigis Jäger and Gisela Drescher.
ticket reservation

Due to sickness, Willigis Jäger will not be able to participate. The opening ceremony and Zen-Meditation will be led by Gisela Drescher.

25 €

Friday, February, 15th

Shamanic ritual "Kut", followed by
panel discussion, Friday, February, 15th, 5.15 p.m. – 6.45 p.m.
presenter: Wolf Schneider, participants: Katja Held, Andrea Kalff Cordero, Ingo Taleb Rashid
ticket reservation

Andrea Kalff Cordero will show a a Korean „Kut“ (shamanic ritual). It is the prelude to the panel discussion about spiritual guidance and entrapment.
Ticket valid for both events.

12 €

further participating in the panel discussion:
Anja Maria Habiba Engelsing

specialist for gynecology and obstetrics, homoeopathy and natural treatment. Teacher in the Sufi-Path of the Nur-Ashki-Jerrahis


* for people, who do not participate in the Winter School