Seminar Journey to São Paulo/Brazil - Nature and Megapolis

Planned travel period from March 16./17th until April 7/8th 2018 for about three weeks- registration (german)



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São Paulo is one of the biggest Metropolises in the world. It is the pulsating economical and cultural heart of Brazil. It is less known that São Paulo is also the capital of a Brazilian federal state with the same name. It has marvellous beaches and natural reserves with a larger biological diversification than the Amazons.

Our journey takes us into the huge sprawling city of São Paulo, to natural reserves and also smaller localities.

We will spend a part of our time in Santos, the biggest port in Latin America, which is 90 minutes by car from São Paulo. Further, we are planning a visit to Campos de Jordão (the „Brazilian Switzerland") and maybe a trip to Parati, a colonial town on the Atlantic Ocean.

25 years ago Ingo Taleb Rashid founded a Martial Arts School in Santos which is still run by Roberto Alvez, one of his students. There will be opportunities for joint trainings and the school will support our trip in Brazil.

During this journey we will immerse ourselves in the multifaceted Brazilian culture: this includes a visit to a Samba School, a Capoeira "Academia" and a Candomblé Centre. Beyond that we will experience the colourful worlds of the diverse immigrants in Brazil.
A visit to Liberdade, the East Asian neighbourhood in São Paulo and a visit to the Arabic community are part of our itinerary. We will have joint trainings with a Modern Dance Company in Santos and a Butoh Company in São Paulo. Besides that, we will have a look at aspects of the Brazilian civil society. We will have the chance to meet a former Member of Parliament and major of the city of Santos.

Foto_Sacre_Bras_17 Sensei joao_conecticut_2009

Our journey will be a modern caravan of experience and learning. Many arrangements for our itinerary can only be made on site and in person. Consequently, we have now only a fragmented travel schedule and no concrete sightseeing program. Many things will happen spontaneously during the trip. Some of our encounters will be unique and will go beyond what a typical tourist would normally experience.

El Haddawi is a school for Movement Concept ®, dance and Sufi Movement Art. It offers movement trainings as an integrated part of the trip, throughout the whole journey.

The journey will build upon the self-responsibility of the participants. All payments, which are not settled in advance, will be made when needed. Each participant is responsible for paying his or her share of costs for transport, accommodation and food through a community cash pool.

Anticipated seminar fee

900 €

Estimated expenses, incl. lodging, meals, local contacts etc.

1200 €
flight (about) ca.800 €

Sources of images:
Image right - (Guilherme Schiff)
Image left - (Danollive)

Images below: El Haddawi, Roberto Alvez, Joao Bordallo