20th El Haddawi International Winter School - English

also start of the educational training "Movement-Concept®"2020 - registration form

with Eva Brunner, Joao Bordallo, Ingo Taleb Rashid a.o
Saturday, February, 22nd. 4-7p.m.
at Studio Kinergie, Franz-Kriechbaumstr.2, Bad Endorf,
Fee: 40 Euro, free for Participants of the Winterschool

Dankbarkeit - Gratitude

Sunday, 23rd- Friday, 28th of February 2020

We are pleased to announce the 20th El Haddawi International Winter School. It will take place at the island convent "Abtei Frauenwörth, Fraueninsel, Chiemsee" in Bavaria, Germany from Sunday 23rd to Friday 28th of February 2020.

We are very happy that our Winter School is now in its 21st year. This is a special event for us. Therefore, we want to take up the subject of gratitude for this Winter School. What does gratitude mean for the individual and for a society? How can gratitude be expressed in inner and outer movement? Living in a privileged culture of innumerable possibilities, it may make sense to realize what we have at our disposal. How do we deal with abundance and unconditional progress?

We can build bridges at a time when there is great doubt, fear and turmoil. The practice of dance, theatre and music brings us into contact with ourselves and our resources, strengthens our self-esteem and gives us a basis for experiencing contentment again.

Together with our guest teachers we will explore how gratitude, satisfaction and creativity can enrich our lives. Using techniques and methods from the fields of dance, theatre and meditation, we will search for the connection between spirituality, art and political and social responsibility.

Event director:
Ingo Taleb Rashid
Initiator of the Winter School,
director of El Haddawi,
stage director & choreographer,
founder of Movement-Concept®


Guest teachers:

Eva Brunner (Austria):

Dancer, choreographer,
certified teacher for 5Rhythms,
dance- and expression therapist


Yeshi Lhamo (China):

Musician, sound healer, calligraphy master, meditation teacher


Joao Bordallo (Brazil/US)
Capoeira-Master since 30 years,
specialist for Afro-Brazilian healing methods


El Haddawi is a school for Movement Concept®, dance, martial arts, and body work. It works at the interface between body work, performing arts, and spirituality. With methods based on work with the body, incorporating meditation and humour we approach mystic experience and understanding. In addition to workshops taught by Ingo Taleb Rashid and guest lecturers, the following activities are planned: an opening ceremony, various interactive lectures, and opportunities for music and dance improvisation.

We are pleased to be able to offer a unique festival concept which El Haddawi has introduced many years ago. Both the participants and the invited teachers will take part in all workshops together throughout the Winter School. This creates a very personal and inspiring atmosphere which enhances the exchange between teachers and students.

Partial attendance: It is possible to participate in the Winter School's first half or second half: Tuition for half of the event is 290€, or 250€ with early registration.


Tuition Early booking
whole seminar: 23.02. opening (6,00 p.m.) to 28.02. lunch 480 € 440 €
1st half: 23.02. opening (6.00 p.m.) to 25.02. evening
290 € 250 €
2nd half: 25.02. evening to 28.02. lunch 290 € 250 €

End of registration: 22.01.2020.

Early booking fee is applied until 20.12.2019

Accommodation and meals are not included.

Full board (breakfast, lunch soup and dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food) will cost about 30 € per day including a variety of teas.
Meals will be supplied by:
The per day rates for the rooms are between 30 € and 60 € depending on the category of the rooms. We cannot guarantee the chosen room category.
And there is an additional service fee for kitchen/infrastructure of 3 € per day (=15 € for the whole Winterschool.) All this has to be paid to the seminar administration of the nunnery after arriving on the island.

(For requests after February, 21st, please use Tel. +49 174 8945580)