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a first overview of our work (educational training,dance theatre festival, travels, winterschool, ongoing-trainings) you can get from our Movement Cocept broschure (German-English - new version 2019) - previous version (German-English, 2013).
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Winter School:

23rd Winterschool 2024: The power of ambiguity. 11th to 16th february 2024 - german infos

22nd Winter School 2023: El Haddawi: mystical dimensions of movement arts. 19th -24th february 2023


Sufi trip to Turkey. 23th May - 6th June 2023,with Ingo Taleb Rashid and Azize Guvenc,For further information, please visit our international website

Sufi tour to Uzbekistan, August 17th to September 03rd 2020, preliminary english time plan

Seminar Journey to Sao Paulo/Brazil - Nature and Megapolis - Planned travel period from mid march 2018 for about three weeks
Yakutia - Land of the Shamans and the Midnight sun; ca. 2017, 09th to 29 th of June: tentative schedule- first newsletter
Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan; Among Nomads, Sufis and Artists, 2015, 16th to 29th August:(14 days) - Tentative trip schedule;
Azerbaijan 2012 (Sept, 18th - Okt, 3rd): info flyer,tentative schedule
Turkey 2011 - On the footsteps of Rumi (together with Oruc Guvenc/Tuemata): description, schedule
JAPAN - Nature, Mystic and Avant-garde
Crimea (Ukraine)

Yakutia: Land of the Shamans
Mysterious Japan 2005

Dance Theatre Danse Macabre in Česky Krumlov and Wasserburg August / September 2016 (general information), Flyer Wasserburg, Flyer Česky Krumlov, local infos in czech language: Town Česky Krumlov, Klaster klarisek

Summerschool Archive:
Life Continuum, the personal sphere of your life - International Summer School, July 13th to 20th 2014, in St.Petersburg (RU)
"Danse Macabre - Dance Theatre Laboratory and Sufi Retreat (July 27th to August 4th 2013, Orechova near St. Petersburg)
Summerschool: Dance of Wisdom" - Dance, Theatre and Bodywork as Ways of the Self (14th - 21st of Juli 2012, St. Petersburg)

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