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a first overview of our work (educational training,dance theatre festival, travels, winterschool, ongoing-trainings) you can get from our Movement Cocept broschure (German-English - new version 2019) - previous version (German-English, 2013).
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Winter School:

22nd winter School 2023: El Haddawi: mystical dimensions of movement arts. 19th -24th february 2023

Winter School 2021/22: Freedom - February 24th -March, 5th 2022

Winterschool 2020: Gratitude - February 23rd to 28th 2020

Winterschool 2019: Courage
Winterschool 2018: Dance, Creativity and Spirituality

Winterschool 2017: Trust;
Winterschool 2016: Unity
Winterschool 2015: Spirituality and Performing Arts
Winterschool 2014: Stream of Performance - the Flow of Energy
Winterschool 2013: Mysticism and Superstition - Spiritual Guidance or Seduction?
Winterschool 2012: Languages of Wisdom - Dance, Theatre and Bodywork as Ways to the Self
Winterschool 2011; Winterschool 2010; Winterschool 2009
Winterschool 2008; Winterschool 2007; Winterschool 2006
Winterschool 2005


Sufi tour to Uzbekistan, August 17th to September 03rd 2020, preliminary english time plan
Seminar Journey to São Paulo/Brazil - Nature and Megapolis - Planned travel period from mid march 2018 for about three weeks
Yakutia - Land of the Shamans and the Midnight sun; ca. 2017, 09th to 29 th of June: tentative schedule- first newsletter
Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan; Among Nomads, Sufis and Artists, 2015, 16th – 29th August:(14 days) - Tentative trip schedule;
Azerbaijan 2012 (Sept, 18th - Okt, 3rd): info flyer,tentative schedule
Turkey 2011 - On the footsteps of Rumi (together with Oruc Guvenc/Tümata): description, schedule
JAPAN - Nature, Mystic and Avant-garde
Crimea (Ukraine)

Yakutia: Land of the Shamans
Mysterious Japan 2005

Dance Theatre Danse Macabre in Český Krumlov and Wasserburg August / September 2016 (general information), Flyer Wasserburg, Flyer Český Krumlov, local infos in czech language: Town Český Krumlov, Klášter klarisek

Summerschool Archive:
Life Continuum, the personal sphere of your life - International Summer School, July 13th to 20th 2014, in St.Petersburg (RU)
"Danse Macabre - Dance Theatre Laboratory and Sufi Retreat (July 27th to August 4th 2013, Orechova near St. Petersburg)
Summerschool: „Dance of Wisdom" - Dance, Theatre and Bodywork as Ways of the Self (14th - 21st of Juli 2012, St. Petersburg)

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