22 El Haddawi International Winterschool

zugleich Beginn der Movement-Concept®-Ausbildung- English description - Anmeldung

mit Lee Ordeman, Ingo Taleb Rashid u.a.
am Samstag, 18. Februar 2023, 16-19 Uhr

im Studio Kinergie, Franz-Kriechbaum-Str. 2 in Bad Endorf.
Gebühr 40 Euro, für Winterschool-TeilnehmerInnen kostenfrei.

El Haddawi: mystische Dimensionen von Bewegungskunst

Sonntag, 19. Februar - Freitag, 24. Februar 2023

Die 22. El Haddawi Winterschool findet vom 19. bis zum 24. Februar 2023 in der Abtei Frauenwörth auf der Fraueninsel/Chiemsee statt. Wir sind dankbar, dass unsere Winterschool nach zweijähriger Pause wieder auf der Insel stattfinden kann..

Bewegung ist die Grundlage für Leben, alles Lebendige ist in Bewegung. In der Bewegung erleben wir unser Eingebettet sein in die Schöpfung und Natur. Neben der äu߃ƒŸerlich sichtbaren Bewegung erleben wir auch innere Bewegtheit; dies ist Ausdruck von spirituellem Sein.

Weiterlesen: 22 El Haddawi International Winterschool


22nd El Haddawi International Winter School - English

also start of the educational training "Movement-Concept®"- registration form

Pre-Winter School-Workshop
with Lee Ordeman, Ingo Taleb Rashid a.o
Saturday, February, 18th. 4-7p.m.
at Studio Kinergie, Franz-Kriechbaum-Str.2, Bad Endorf,
Fee: 40 Euro, free for participants of the Winter School

El Haddawi: mystical dimensions of bodyart/-work

Sunday, 19th - Friday, 24th of February 2023

We are pleased to announce the 22nd El Haddawi International Winter School. It will take place at the island convent "Abtei Frauenwoerth, Fraueninsel, Chiemsee" in Bavaria, Germany from Sunday 23rd to Friday 28th of February 2023.

We are very happy that our Winter School can take place again on the island after two years pause.

Movement is the basis of life, everything that lives is in motion.

In movement we experience our being embedded in creation and nature. Beyond visible outer movement we also experience inner emotions. These are expressions of spiritual existence.

Early in the history of mankind the arts of movement developed too. We can find dancing figures in prehistorical cave paintings. Movement art can be a signpost to the secrets of movement and silence.

To dedicate oneself to one of the various movement arts like dance, martial arts or also meditation, is like studying the landscape of existence and the road towards its center.

During this Winter School we will have the opportunity to dive into the arts of movement and to discover a key to deeper layers of being while practising them.

Event director:
Ingo Taleb Rashid

Initiator of the Winter School,
director of El Haddawi,
stage director & choreographer,
founder of Movement-Concept®


Guest teachers:

Lee Ordeman (USA)

actor, dancer. martial artist and journalist



El Haddawi is a school for Movement Concept®, dance, martial arts, and body work. It works at the interface between body work, performing arts, and spirituality. With methods based on work with the body, incorporating meditation and humour we approach mystic experience and understanding. In addition to workshops taught by Ingo Taleb Rashid and guest lecturers, the following activities are planned: an opening ceremony, various interactive lectures, and opportunities for music and dance improvisation.

We are pleased to be able to offer a unique festival concept which El Haddawi has introduced many years ago. Both the participants and the invited teachers will take part in all workshops together throughout the Winter School. This creates a very personal and inspiring atmosphere which enhances the exchange between teachers and students.

Partial attendance: It is possible to participate in the Winter School's first half or second half: Tuition for half of the event is 290 EUR, or 250 EUR with early registration.


Tuition Early booking
whole seminar: 19.02. opening (6,00 p.m.) to 24.02. lunch 480 EUR 440 EUR
1st half: 19.02. opening (6.00 p.m.) to 21.02. evening 290 EUR 250 EUR
2nd half: 21.02. evening to 24.02. lunch 290 EUR 250 EUR

End of registration: 27.01.2023

Early booking fee is applied until 18.12.2022

Accommodation and meals are not included.

Full board (breakfast, lunch soup and dinner with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food) will cost about 30 EUR per day including a variety of teas.
Meals will be supplied by:
The per day rates for the rooms are between 35 EUR and 65 EUR depending on the category of the rooms. We cannot guarantee the chosen room category.
And there is an additional service fee for kitchen/infrastructure of 4 EUR  per day (=20 EUR for the whole Winter School.) All this has to be paid to the seminar administration of the nunnery after arriving on the island.

For requests after February, 18th, please use Tel. +49 0160 2671556


Save the date: 22. El Haddawi International Winter School 19.-24.2.2023

with Ingo Taleb Rashid, Lee Ordeman (requested) and others.... This Winter School will deal with the topic El Haddawi: the mystical dimensions of bodywork/-art. Further information will soon be provided. For aproximative fees and food / accomodation facilities see prior winterschools.


Workshops Movement Concept für Musiker im September in Markt Indersdorf

Im Rahmen des Foerderprogramms DIS-TANZEN Impuls finden im September Workshops mit Elisabeth Einsiedler in Markt Indersdorf bei Dachau statt. Elisabeth ist Violonistin und Musikpaedagogin und Assistentin in der Movement-Concept-Performance-Ausbildung.

Alle Infos haben wir auf einem Flyer zusammengestellt.